samedi, septembre 16, 2006

Only in San Francisco

J'ai souvent essayé d'expliquer, c'est assez dur à décrire d'ailleurs, pourquoi la ville de San Francisco était complètement différente de toutes les villes américaines (et canadiennes) que j'avais visité. Y'a vraiment un feeling spécial dans cette ville.

Je lis depuis quelques temps le blog de Ben Casnocha, un entrepreneur de 18 ans qui se lance en business à San Francisco.

Voici ce qu'il a mis sur son blog, pour décrire San Francisco.
(English only!)
Ça vaut vraiment la peine pour savoir pourquoi je trouve ça assez spécial comme ville.

When you go on vacation to Mexico, and still carry your sweater. Everywhere. Cause, you know. It could get cold."

I knew I had officially landed in SF when driving through the city after driving 2,000 miles from Wisconsin, one of the *very* first people I saw was a very beautiful woman. I mean a man. I mean a woman... crossing the street.

I knew I was in SF the first weekend I moved was Bay to Breakers. I was at the park, I had my blanket, we were bbq'ing. I had laid down to catch some sun, and felt someone literally tripping over my body. I looked up to see a pair of skinny legs and striped tube socks. My eyes followed the length of these legs to find a set of shriveled franks and beans staring back at me. A man (definitely pushing 75) looked down at me to apologize. His rainbow head band matched his rainbow tube socks. Naked, running in the park, and color coordinated. Welcome to San Francisco. From that moment on, I knew I'd never leave.

Your neighbors in your complex are a senior citizen, a tranny, a twink, a D.J. frat boy, a hippie couple, and Guatemalan family living above, below and next to you.

It's been weeks and weeks since you met a Republican.

Jeans, t-shirt, and Converse are considered "business casual"

The number of hybrids out number the amount of SUV's

When you know what the next great revolution is in human consciousness is and it's something like push technology or info security or social networking.

You're walking down Market and pass a man dressed as Flash Gordon, a transvestite with a boa around her neck, and a guy clucking like a chicken...and you don't even look twice.

You comment to yourself on how much everyone has gotten into the spirit of Halloween this year, then realize that it is July.

When you start a new company that sells useless software services to people who don't want it and when people ask you what you want to achieve in life you say, simply, world domination.

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